How do People Spend Time on Salesforce?

The average salesperson spends 4 hours per week updating his or her Salesforce CRM. However, this is hardly enough—the average salesperson only manages to complete 40% of sales updates. Automatic data entry will revolutionize that.

Diligent sales managers explain to their team, “If it’s not in Salesforce, it never happened.” In a world where sales managers need to be on top of their numbers, reps find themselves spending more and more time doing tedious updates to their CRM instead of spending time engaging and converting new customers. However, new automatic data entry technologies can help—reps can spend more time selling, while management can enjoy having the complete and updated numbers, always and almost in real time.

To analyze how much time people spend updating Salesforce, and the number of updates that they need to make, we analyzed data anonymously from hundreds of companies and thousands of sales reps that used Implisit (acquired by Salesforce). Implisit analyzed the sales reps’ emails and whether they were updated into the CRM. Then we analyzed the number of sales updates that were never updated in the CRM. Here are the results.

Originally Published by : IMPLICIT


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