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Why and How to be a Self Learnt Salesforce App Developer?

Do you want to be a Salesforce professional, then you are on the right track. Anyone either from a software background or fresher can start career in Salesforce. If you are new to software technology, then still you can start and opt the career in Salesforce. For that either you can take proper training from any institute or use the Salesforce website itself, where you can find enough resources to learn and experience the Salesforce either its earlier Classic version or the newly launched Salesforce Lightning platform. Yes, friends the recently launched Salesforce Lightning is the future of CRM and the company has declared to launch all new features for Lightning only. So, learning Salesforce Lightning is always recommended to the new Salesforce Professionals.

Why to Learn Salesforce? This post is to provide you all information about Salesforce career. Salesforce is not only a cloud based CRM, but also a diversified and strong community, where you can find thousands of globally located Salesforce professionals, who can provide you real time and instant help. There you can also get the chance to showcase your hard work, talent and expertise. Even you can easily be recruited through that community, in case if any recruiter notices your performance right there.

There are a number of Salesforce professionals, who have got placed just through that Salesforce community and even got the chance to attend the community meet of Salesforce developers. Salesforce Community is not only a single reason to learn Salesforce, instead there are another reasons as well, like it is a cloud based CRM and when you will learn Salesforce, then you will also learn many concepts like mobile and web development, java script libraries, Salesforce integration, which can help you to opt any of the new technology in future, if you need. As it is one of the most demanding CRM platform, so you may easily be absorbed anywhere.

How much it cost? You may not have to pay even a single penny in order to become a proficient Salesforce developer or administrator. All what would be needed is your dedication to learn the Salesforce, hard work and patience. Although it is tough to be patient at sometimes, but it will surely give you assured result. Although you can also join a training centre, if you think that you cannot do it all by yourself, but through the training material available on Salesforce website, you can accomplish your dream by yourself as well.

If you want to learn Salesforce there are a few requisite, ike you must know OOPs concept, HTML5, CSS and javascript and not necessary but good to know basics of JQuery. These courses can be learnt from anywhere, there are a number of resources and websites available on internet, through which these languages can be learnt easily.

Learn from Salesforce Trailhead: Salesforce itself has provided a learning platform for the Salesforce developers, which is Trailhead. The users or learners can easily learn all about the newly launched Salesforce features right from their own pace and even can watch the videos, and take the notes. Various modules on Salesforce Trailhead also have the exercises at the end of the module, which you will have to solve on developer org, moreover it is also validated by trailhead. The errors are displayed on the screen, if any found by Trailhead and the badges are also given if there is no error found in the code, which you can further share on Twitter or Linkedin profile. Various possible routes to learn Salesforce are Admin, Advance Admin, Developer, etc.

Topcoder Community:Topcoder is a famous Salesforce community platform, from where you can learn Salesforce projects. Here on this community the Salesforce projects are posted and the solutions have to be submitted right there. Even the best solution also gets awards in dollars. There you may not every time win the projects, but yes may learn lots of things about Salesforce. For the freshers, it can be tough to submit any solution, but they can see the solutions, submitted by other developers and learn the coding. Apart from Topcoder, there are also a number of Salesforce learning platforms and communities, from where you can learn this new Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Developers Groups: For Salesforce you can find a number of groups of Salesforce Developers and Administrators. Even a few group meetings are also held weekly or monthly, so you can join such groups, from where you can get the chance to meet other Salesforce developers and learn many new concepts about Salesforce. Even the new Salesforce Lightning platform information can also be collected and you can contribute as well if you find it suitable. It can be the best way to measure your performance as well, if you are into the way of learning of Salesforce. You can even know the newly launched features of Salesforce and the newly launched apps, which can provide also help you in providing your dream job.

The groups involve experienced and freshers Salesforce developers, so they know all about technicalities involved in Salesforce and provide you any help, if needed. Joining any Salesforce training institute can also be helpful for the freshers, if they are completely new to ant of the programming language or Software development. If you have already a background of software development, then it may take a time of7-8 months, to learn Salesforce, otherwise a time of 9-10 months may be sufficient, if you are completely new to the programming languages.

Conclusion:Learning Salesforce App Development is not a tough task, even anyone who wants to become a Salesforce developer or administrator can do it by himself by using any of the available resources to learn this new cloud based CRM, which is the most popular CRM these days.


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