Success Stories – How DemandBlue Helped Its Clients Improve Revenue Recognition with Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation

Businesses that deal with subscription-based contracts, usage-based billing or other complex contracts face several difficulties in managing their billing cycle. Though Salesforce CPQ implementation does the heavy-lifting of configuring products and automating price quotes, the complexity of billing operations still pose threats to revenue operations. DemandBlue recognizes these challenges and has created unique ways for customers to address them with the promise of hassle-free billing. Our On-Demand Service for Revenue Cloud will help solve the bottlenecks in your billing cycle and improve revenue recognition.

DemandBlue’s end-to-end Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation has transformed businesses across industries such as high-tech, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, nonprofits, and more. Here, we will share with you how we helped some of our clients streamline their quote-to-cash processes, billing cycles and improve their ROI with our On-Demand Services for Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

How Does DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Implementation Help Customers Streamline Billing Processes and Achieve Business Goals?

Client 1: A leading display and sensor technology company scaled its sales and improved customer retention with DemandBlue’s Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation.


  • The client was over-dependent on spreadsheets.
  • Manual processes adversely impacted the organization’s manufacturing, delivery, and supply chain.
  • Increase in duplicate data, poor reporting, and improper pipeline management caused operational confusion.

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Revenue Cloud Implementation Outcome:

  • The organization saw a 30% surge in revenue immediately after Revenue Cloud implementation.
  • We integrated all their enterprise applications with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, enabling the client to manage and operate from a single platform, i.e., a 360-degree view of operations.
  • Process automation is applied to sales, quote generation, billing, and revenue recognition.
  • Automation improved reliability in the supply chain. The client witnessed better performance and decreased the use of unnecessary tools.

Client 2: A leading global technology provider in the Food and Aerospace division increased their customer engagement and revenue with the help of DemandBlue’s Salesforce Revenue Cloud Services.


  • Due to COVID-19, virtual interactions and phone-based client service failed to meet customer expectations.
  • The client wanted to implement an enterprise-grade self-service customer portal to increase the customer experience without increasing headcounts.
  • There was pressure to shorten the buying cycle and reduce frontline work and processing costs.

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Revenue Cloud Integration Outcome:

  • Revenue Cloud tools such as B2B Commerce, Experience Cloud, and Billing were integrated with their existing platform, which drastically reduced the cost to serve each customer.
  • Our integration resulted in a one-stop-shop for all processes: billing, customer transactions, sales, and service.
  • With the automation of Revenue Cloud tools, the client experienced increased customer engagement by 3x and revenue growth by 2x.

Why should your businesses invest in DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Services?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is one of the most sought-after solutions that help you build a hassle-free revenue cycle and create lasting relationships with customers. DemandBlue is a certified Salesforce partner that understands the importance of streamlining your billing operations, front and back-office processes, and can minimize the operational complexities in your sales and finance teams.

Additionally, DemandBlue’s On-Demand Services driven by the Pay-As-You-Use pricing model will offer you flexible resource planning and cost-effective implementation.

Partner with DemandBlue to streamline your finance operations, power up your quote-to-cash process, reimagine the billing cycle, and improve revenue growth, just like our clients did.

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