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2020 will be engraved and etched in everyone's minds and hearts for the generations and centuries to come for the surprising, uncertain, and unprecedented turn of events. In the aftermath of the pandemic, various industries and organizations have suffered sourly and nonprofits are no exceptions. It has become difficult for NPOs to raise funds, reach more people, as the entire economy of the world seems to have been shaken up by COVID-19.

To make up for the loss that has occurred to society, we have come up with a few tips that might help nonprofits to get back on their game once again and reach their full potential to help the world.

1. Define Clear Goals

When the momentum has reduced it is obvious to lose focus and get distracted. However, it is pivotal to have a clear definition in mind as to what it is exactly that your organization wants to achieve. Try to visualize the full and long-term picture. You might want to try various ways as one way might not deliver the desired results every time.

Follow the SMART formula:

  • Set SPECIFIC goals.

  • Goals should be MEASURABLE.

  • They should be ATTAINABLE. Do not set unrealistic goals.

  • It should be RELEVANT to the kind of work you are doing. (eg; age group, community-specific, problem-specific).

  • Set a TIME to complete a particular project.

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2. Market Research

Once the idea about goals is clear, start market research. Understanding the key problem is important to craft a strategic plan. You can not focus on two different problems of two different communities at the same time. The animal shelter requires a different approach so does the education of underprivileged students.

Salesforce CRM can help you to segregate different communities, age groups, lists of volunteers, donors into one place to make your task easier.

3. Design Marketing Strategies

Market research will give a much clearer idea as to how to go further once you have a defined vision. To start with, it is crucial in the digital-first world to have an online presence on various user-friendly social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and so on. Level up your game with your posts, produce visually compelling material, provide engaging blog topics, send out e-newsletters, and respond to messages promptly.

Moreover, make complete use of virtual worlds like Google meet, Skype, Zoom to host webinars, talk about your organization to the world, be a guest speaker if given an opportunity. Do not leave any stone unturned and get creative.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is all you need to get a 360-degree view of your customers and engage with them in unique ways. Using unified marketing and business analytics, you can improve your effectiveness, budgets, and processes.

4. Analyze The Outcome

It is time to analyze the outcome of the implied strategies. Analyzing Big data can be daunting and time-consuming but not when you have Salesforce at your disposal. Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics analyzes your data efficiently and precisely giving you the complete feedback of your implemented strategy and which worked well and which did not.

5. Keep your Employees’ Wellbeing in Mind

Technology is after all an invention of the great human mind. This brings us to the last point of keeping your employees happy. Your company would be well-positioned for success if your staff and volunteers' understandings are well aligned with your vision. Recognizing employee and volunteer morale and making sure that these vital members of your team have a richer outcome, would result in happier employees who are more likely to continue in your company for a longer period of time.

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You're not only creating a healthy and empowered workforce, but you're also lowering staff retention costs and enhancing productivity by investing in your team.

Hence, in a nutshell, we can always turn the tables around, come what may with well-crafted strategies and appropriate support systems. Let Apphienz be your support system in this case and we can rise back together, stronger than ever. Contact us if you have any queries or write to us at [email protected]. We are just an email away!


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