Switching From Classic to Salesforce Lightning

Points to Remember for Switching Your Salesforce Org From Classic to Lightning

Hello Salesforce Lovers,

This blog helps you in analysing what are the things you need to remember for switching your Salesforce org from Classic to Lightning.

Does Your Org Qualify for Lightning Experience?

For qualifying your org you must check these

Salesforce Editions

Salesforce User Licences

Now run the Readiness Check from the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant.

  • From Setup in Salesforce Classic, click Get Started in the Migration Assistant tile (1).
  • On the Check Readiness tab in the Migration Assistant (2).
  • Click Check Readiness (3).

Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

The Readiness Check emails the report to your email id and also saves it to Salesforce Files. The report looks like

Lightning Experience Readiness Report

Now follow the Readiness report and make changes for that are required/necessary for switching the org to lightning.

Now follow the below steps to enable Lightning

  • From Setup in Salesforce Classic.
  • Click Get Started in the Migration Assistant tile at the top of the menu.
    Salesforce Migration Assistant
  • On the Turn It On tab in the Migration Assistant, click the button to switch it to Enabled.

    Lightning Exeperience Migration Assistant

Welcome to Lightning Experience, the modern, beautiful user experience from Salesforce.

Happy Salesforce!

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