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Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is a framework for delivering network services over the internet. It is also a business model in which a service provider provides network services to customers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

NaaS has become a popular way to provide network services due to its flexibility and scalability. In a NaaS model, the service provider manages the network infrastructure, and customers can access and use the services on a self-service basis.

NaaS provides several advantages for both service providers and customers. For service providers, NaaS offers a new revenue stream and a way to differentiate their offerings. It provides customers with a flexible and cost-effective way to access network services.

The NaaS model is well suited to today's businesses, which rely increasingly on cloud-based applications and services, such as Salesforce-managed services. NaaS provides companies with the flexibility and scalability to stay agile and respond quickly to changing needs.

How Naas Works?

NaaS provides a platform for developers to create applications for a network rather than an operating system. It allows for more creativity and innovation while maintaining security and regulations compliance.

The Salesforce marketplace is a platform that enables businesses to find and install applications that extend the functionality of Salesforce. The platform is API-enabled and open to developers, who can create applications to solve various business needs. Examples of these applications include e-signature, risk management, and project management.

Developers access the network securely using standardized APIs. With these APIs, they can create and collaborate on applications, functions, and features for the network.

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How to Get Started with NaaS?

You can monetize your investments by activating some portion of your NaaS. NaaS, or network-as-a-service. It enables you to use your existing infrastructure to provide new services to customers without having to build or manage a separate network.

NaaS is a great way to monetize your investments because it allows you to quickly and easily add new services and features to your existing network. It means you can generate new revenue without investing in new infrastructure. This is why it’s vital to implement it in your business’s infrastructure.

Listed below are some tips to help you adapt to NaaS’ modern processes.

1. Overcome Legacy Thinking

To enable the true potential of NaaS, service providers need to allow access to their networks by developers and other partners. This shift in thinking presents a challenge for many service providers, who are used to having tight control over their networks. Additionally, building a platform is often elusive to these organizations, who do not typically think of the network in this way. For some, it may be easier to wait and see how others implement this before taking action.

2. Find Your Niche

A service provider can either resell existing apps or develop new apps. They may partner with OEMs to create apps or extend their developer network. By doing this, they can make an ecosystem of value-added developers.

3. Invest in Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Cloud-native architectures are infrastructures that are designed to be used with cloud computing. They are typically containerized, agile, and modular and often have an extended digital BSS layer. This type of architecture is designed to take advantage of the flexibility and innovation cloud computing offers and can often lead to new revenue streams.

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NaaS is an excellent Salesforce managed services provider because it offers several essential features and benefits for businesses. These include a comprehensive suite of services, a focus on customer success, and a commitment to quality. In addition, NaaS is also very affordable, making it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.

Now that you have a better grasp of NaaS, you should invest in Salesforce-managed services from Apphienz. We will help incorporate this technology seamlessly into your company's system. This way, the implementation will be painless, so take that leap of faith and get in touch now!


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