Why AI can not generate Salesforce Formulas?

Dive into the word of AI and Salesforce with Salesforce MVP, Eric Praud, on this roller coaster journey where we find out why is AI unable to generate Salesforce Formulas.. yet.

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What You Will Learn

Topics that will be covered in this webinar

1 Overview

Join us for this exciting Salesforce webinar and unlock the mystery behind why AI can not generate Salesforce Formulas yet. The discussion revolves around the challenges in generating Salesforce Formulas, and instances where it can, and where it can't. Eric shares strategies for better results, such as clear and specific queries, providing context, and being conversational with AI. Eric envisions AI evolving in the Salesforce space, anticipating refined datasets, and a Salesforce-specific AI that addresses formula generation challenges.


2 Topic Highlights

  • Why isn't AI good with Salesforce Formulas?

  • Live Demo to show instances where Salesforce Formulas work or do not

  • How can you get better results from AI?

  • How will AI get better results?

3 Topic Breakdown

00:00 Introduction

01:40 Why can't AI generate Salesforce Formulas?

07:11 Will AI ever be good with Salesforce Formulas?

08:40 Live Demo

17:37 How can I get better results?

21:40 How will AI get better?


Guest Speakers

Salesforce MVP
The only Salesforce MVP in Ireland, Eric is a senior consultant at Epam PolSource and has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for the past 11 years. He started his Salesforce career as a Salesforce support agent. Like many others, he stumbled across the platform accidentally and hasn’t looked back since. He is very active in the Answers community and has been a Salesforce MVP since March 2021.