Implementing a Winning Strategy with Salesforce Customer 360

Get ready to delve deep into the realm of Salesforce Customer 360, a game-changing solution that's revolutionizing the way businesses operate, with Kunal Parikh. Discover how this powerful tool can supercharge your business outcomes, propelling you towards success like never before.

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What You Will Learn

Topics that will be covered in this webinar

1 Overview

In this conversation with Kunal Parikh, a Salesforce Martech Growth Leader, the discussion revolves around Salesforce Customer 360 and its significance in customer relationship management. Kunal explains that Customer 360 provides a comprehensive view of customers, enabling different teams within an organization to work together effectively. It prioritizes various outcomes, such as increasing leads, improving sales, enhancing customer service, and personalization.

Implementing Salesforce Customer 360 can positively impact businesses by streamlining processes and fostering a seamless customer experience. The conversation also highlights the importance of prioritization and involving consulting partners for successful implementation. Kunal shares examples of how large and small businesses can benefit from Customer 360 and emphasizes the need for organizational alignment to achieve its full potential.

2 Topic Highlights

  • Salesforce Customer 360 offers a comprehensive view of customers, enabling cross-team collaboration.

  • Prioritization is essential for achieving specific outcomes, such as lead generation, sales growth, and personalization.

  • Involving consulting partners is crucial for successful implementation.

  • Both large and small businesses can benefit from Customer 360 by aligning it with their goals and gradually expanding its use.

  • Organizational alignment and commitment are key to realizing the full potential of Customer 360.

3 Topic Breakdown

0:00 Introduction

1:22 What is Customer 360?

5:57 Boost your Business Outcomes with Customer 360

10:10 How to implement Salesforce Customer 360?

14:06 Case Study on Mercedes Benz

Guest Speakers

Salesforce Martech Growth Leader
With over six years of experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Kunal is a passionate and certified leader who drives growth and innovation for a leading digital marketing agency in India. As the AVP and Head of Salesforce, he is responsible for setting up and scaling the Salesforce practice, delivering high-quality solutions, and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.