Rendezvous with Salesforce: Empowering Women in Technology

Join us for an inspiring webinar featuring Prisca Nyari, a Salesforce star from Zimbabwe. Prisca, a dedicated Salesforce Implementation Consultant will share her incredible journey and insights into the transformative power of Salesforce technology, especially for women.

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What You Will Learn

Topics that will be covered in this webinar

1 Overview

In this exclusive session, we'll dive into Prisca's personal and professional journey, exploring her Salesforce journey, the challenges she overcame, and her remarkable achievements within the Salesforce ecosystem. Prisca will provide valuable perspectives on the impact of Salesforce in general, and on Women in Technology especially in Africa, and share her vision for the future of this innovative technology.

2 Topic Highlights

Key Discussion Points

  • Prisca’s Salesforce journey

  • The impact of Salesforce technology

  • Networking in Salesforce

3 Topic Breakdown

0:00 Introduction

1:48 Prisca's Rendezvous with Salesforce

6:53 Her journey in Salesforce

11:44 Her vision to create impact

15:30 Important Salesforce Groups to join

18:24 Important events in the Salesforce ecosystem

23:45 Advice from Prisca

Guest Speakers

Salesforce Implementation Consultant
With over 4 years of experience in the IT industry, Prisca's passion for technology drove her to the Salesforce realm. She is now 6x Salesforce Certified Professional with 31 Superbadges and a triple star ranger. She is an inspiration to one and all in the Salesforce ecosystem, overcoming all trials and now inspiring others, especially women. She takes genuine interest in the Salesforce community and is always at the forefront to give back to the community.