Salesforce Chatter Tutorial | Chatter Overview And Demo | Chatter In Salesforce

Credits : Simplilearn

This Salesforce Chatter Tutorial will give an overview of Chatter which includes enabling chatter, configuring chatter groups and creating customer groups. Salesforce Chatter will be perfect for your solution. it will help your team members collaborate better with emails, updates, posts, video links and groups. Chatter allows for teams to create private groups for collaborating on certain topics, such as product development, while also allowing public groups to discuss topics, such as where to arrange an office p[arty. Replies to posts via email make this an even easier tool to use when tied in with approvals and deed posts. Salesforce chatter helps with inter-departmental communication as well.

Chatter provides collaboration features and capabilities to applications built on the platform. This video provides an overview of Chatter, best practice strategies for simulating multiple Chatter participants within a Developer Edition (DE) environment, and a diTutorialsussion of the underlying data model.


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