Mastering Apex Collections | Salesforce Tutorial

Credits : Salesforce Apex Hours

Working with collections like List, Map and Set is part of the day’s routine for Apex developers. While their basic use is straightforward, there are some advanced quirks that can get you to the next level. Join us in this session to learn about advanced concepts such as list sorting, object hash code and more.

0:00 Introduction
2:35 What is Object?
4:00 Collections: List, Set and Map
7:25 Collection Casting
9:06 equals() and hasCode() in Salesforce
14:06 Using Apex Maps with IDs and Strings
24:45 Iterating on Collections
25:00 Iterators and Iterable Interfaces
26:35 Iterators at work
30:16 Iterators and Collection Locking
30:17 Sorting in List
34:17 Comparable Interface
37:00 Default primitive ordering
40:40 Default sObject ordering
41:58 Custom Sort for sObject
49:24 Sorting with Comparators
53:37 ListUtils
54:15 Bubble Sort Algorithm in Apex
1:00:00 Q&A


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