Dreamforce 2021 Main Keynote - Welcome to the Trusted Enterprise | Salesforce

Credits : Salesforce

Today, every business has to transform to become a Trusted Enterprise. Join Marc Benioff & special guests to learn how Customer 360 helps businesses of all sizes transform in this new world.

0:23 Welcome to Dreamforce 2021
5:43 Trailblazer: An Original Series - Official Trailer premiering this winter on Salesforce+
7:26 Trailblazer Journey w/ Marquita Sidibe - Business Analyst, Liberty Mutual Insurance
13:21 How the legendary band Metallica uses Salesforce Customer 360
14:27 Metallica performs Nothing Else Matters
25:27 Danny & Anna Akaka performance
32:58 Marc Benioff, Salesforce Chair & CEO - Main Keynote
44:37 Thank You, Trailblazers! What have Trailblazers been doing since we saw them last?
47:40 We're In A New World
56:35 The Playbook for the Trusted Enterprise
1:06:32 Jessica Tisch - Commissioner and Citywide CIO, New York City
1:11:07 Salesforce is Net Zero & Renewable Today!
1:15:31 How Mercedes-Benz is transforming into a customer-first company with Salesforce Customer 360
1:30:15 Ola Källenius Mercedes- Benz, CEO interview with Marc Benioff
1:34:35 Digital HQ with IBM
1:45:42 Sustainability with Engie.


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