Are Privacy laws anti-marketing? - Salesforce, GDPR and CCPA

Are Privacy laws anti-marketing? Or a great marketing opportunity for organizations? Perhaps the underlying question is: Is your Marketing outreach an unwanted nuisance? Or worse, Spam?

Sadly, that's not working anymore. It is marketing money wasted. What if your prospect's consent is better-managed with communication preferences. By media channels and purposes so that it respects their preferences, our preferences!

Privacy laws are cementing, permissions based Marketing which is the way we all wanted to be treated as Consumers, Customers, Donors, Volunteers, Students, Patients, etc.

GDPR and CCPA are an opportunity for marketers and compliance to combine and use it as an advantage for your brand and organizations.

What do you think?

Thanks to Punit Bhatia for raising these thought-provoking questions.


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