AMPscript Personalised Subject Lines in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Credits : Cameron Robert

Cameron Robert from Datarati demonstrates how to use Subscriber Data and AMPscript to personalize your email Subject Lines in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What you'll learn:
» How to Reference Subscriber Values using AMPscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
» How to use AMPscript to add Subscriber Personalisation to a Subject Line
» How to use IIF() Statements to validate Subscriber Data
» How to lookup data in related Data Extensions

-Introduction: (0:00)
-Adding a Subscriber Name to the Subject Line: (0:38)
-Adding Name validation and fall-back: (1:55)
-Using an AMPscript block to set a value for the Subject Line: (3:27)
-Using Lookup to return related data for use in the Subject Line: (5:27)
-Summary: (7:40)


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