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This Salesforce Training Video will help you an introduction to Salesforce Administrator and Platform App Builder Certification Training course offered by Simplilearn. By end of this video, you will learn what is salesforce, what is CRM, why we need Salesforce, facts about Salesforce, Salesforce market trends along with some Salesforce case studies.

What is salesforce.com?

Salesforce.com is a cloud computing company whose headquarters is located in San FranciTutorialso California most of its revenue comes from its customer relationship management software or CRM. Salesforce also deals with other aspects of business development such as marketing and financial services. Salesforce CRM helps in generating more leads, increasing customer retention and streamlining the organizations business processes. This course helps you to understand the concepts and terminology is that are integral to passing the salesforce.com certification exams on the very first drive. The admin course prepares you for salesforce.com certified administrator exam known as ADM 201 exam. The Salesforce certified app developer course trains you for the salesforce.com certified app builder exam, this is the replacement for the same to be diTutorialsontinued salesforce.com Certified Developer 401 exam.


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