4 Tips on How to Build Product Messaging & Positioning That Stands Out | Salesforce on Salesforce

Credits : Salesforce

Messaging and positioning work together and should be the North Star for any product launch. If done well, it will set you apart from the competition, win new customers, and build trust with existing ones. It will also help your overall brand awareness and reputation, which in turn will attract top talent. Watch the video to learn about how Salesforce uses messaging and positioning to bring products to market — plus four tips to hone YOUR product messaging and positioning!

0:00 - Salesforce on Salesforce Intro
0:58 - What is Product Messaging & Positioning?
2:21 - Effective Product Messaging & Positioning
3:48 - Tip #1: Know Your Stakeholders
4:44 - Tip #2: Do Your Homework
5:27 - Tip #3: Tailor Your Message
6:23 - Tip #4: Know You’re Never Done


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