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    What is Log inspector in Salesforce?

    Describe Log Inspector with its different panel


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    Hello Shubham,

    The handy Log Inspector exists to make it easier to view large logs! The Log Inspector uses log panel views to provide different perspectives of your code. Check it out by selecting Debug | View Log Panels.

    These panels are available in the Log Inspector.
    Stack Tree—Displays log entries within the hierarchy of their objects and their execution using a top-down tree view. For instance, if one class calls a second class, the second class is shown as the child of the first.
    Execution Stack—Displays a bottom-up view of the selected item. It displays the log entry, followed by the operation that called it.
    Execution Log—Displays every action that occurred during the execution of your code.
    Source—Displays the contents of the source file, indicating the line of code being run when the selected log entry was generated.
    Source List—Displays the context of the code being executed when the event was logged. For example, if you select the log entry generated when the faulty email address value was entered, the Source List shows execute_anonymous_apex.
    Variables—Displays the variables and their assigned values that were in scope when the code that generated the selected log entry was run.
    Execution Overview—Displays statistics for the code being executed, including the execution time and heap size.

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    The Log Inspector in Salesforce uses log panel views to provide different perspectives of your code.



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