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  • Himanshu

    April 22, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Hi Audrey,

    Follow these steps to speed up your eclipse as a super fast IDE , it works for 32 & 64 bit version eclipse/jdk on my windows 7 x64.

    1.Disable antivirus software, or add your jdk & eclipse & workspace & other related folder to white list in your antivirus software.

    2.Disable unecessary validations and startup action in eclipse reference.

    For validations: on eclipse menu Windows -> Preferences -> Validation, click “Disable All”, and then select the validator which you need. I selected “Classpath Dependency Validator” only.

    For startup action: on eclipse menu Windows -> Preferences, type “startup”, select “Startup and Shutdown”, untick the options you don’t need. (Thanks for David’s suggest,  I’ve added the above 2 detail steps for readers)


    3.Create a ram disk(virtual disk) on memory, and put your jdk on the ram disk.
    You can use imdisk to create ram disk. Firstly download it from:,  and install it.

    Then set the ImDisk driver to auto-load at Command Prompt with administrative privileges (for example right-click, start as Administrator), type:

    sc config imdisk start= auto
    net start imdisk

    create a 200m ram disk as driver n by:
    imdisk -a -t vm -s 300m -m n:

    then you should format the ram disk manually.

    later ,if you would like to remove the ram disk, just run the command:
    imdisk -D -m n:

    4.Make sure you are using sun jdk, not open jdk/gcj nor other jdk on linux.
    If you are not satified with the after the above steps, install jrockit instead of sun jdk, and change some of the vm options by jrocket specification,
    jrockit is faster than sun jdk.

    Hope this helps you.

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