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    How to create Formula Field on Opportunity in Salesforce?

    Hi all- been a while since I constructed one of these and wanted to get some help- On the opp object, looking to create a formula field based on 2 fields- Amount & License_Period_months__c ( A number field type).

    Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:


    License_Period_months__c = 12,  Amount


    License_Period_months__c = 24,  Amount * 2 * .15


    License_Period_months__c = 36,  Amount * 3 * .30

    I’m screwing up the IF statements here and getting errors. Can I get some advice on how you’d construct this to get the right amount? And would the field formula type be Currency? thanks!



    Hello Elizabeth,

    My solution is:-

    IF(License_Period_months__c = 12, Amount, IF(License_Period_months__c = 24, Amount * 2 * .15, IF(License_Period_months__c = 36, Amount * 3 * .30, 0) ) )


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