Top Salesforce Bloggers 2018

Top Salesforce Bloggers 2018

Top Salesforce Bloggers 2018

2018 has really been a tremendous year for Forcetalks as our community grew with many more people joining us and becoming a part of this small Salesforce Ohana, making great efforts to contribute to the platform. Forcetalks now has a good spread of content for the users to go through and learn from and this has only been possible because of your tremendous efforts.

This year, we completed 500 blogs and now we’re striving to take this number to new heights by the end of the year. So, here we present you our top bloggers who have worked hard and delivered us the best blogs possible so that we can gain knowledge and be a part of this amazing Salesforce Ohana. These Salesforce professionals who are behind these blogs have provided huge information on the Salesforce environment that anyone can read and learn from, be it a newbie or an expert.

Last year, we had five bloggers who stood out from the rest because of their wonderful blog posts, but keeping your astonishing efforts in mind, our experts couldn’t shortlist just 5, so we have listed 10 Bloggers this year who have made their mark on this Salesforce technology-driven community and stood out from the crowd in providing informative and useful blog posts.

Without any further delay, we are honoured to present our Superstar bloggers for this year 2018 !

Pranav is a solution-oriented professional and an accomplished Salesforce Blogger with Salesforce certifications “Platform Developer” and “Salesforce Administrator”, having his expertise in Salesforce configuration and development. His experience revolves around Programmatic Development like Apex Coding, Designing Visualforce Pages, sites, Change Set deployment, Web Services, REST API, and integration of Salesforce Org. with third-party.

Check out some of Pranav's Content:

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Archit started his career as an assistant professor in the computer science field and then changed his field to become an empowering Salesforce Professional. He has an experience of more than 4 years in the industry and deals in extensive fields of Salesforce Development, Administration, Data Migration, Sharing, and Security, having his expertise in APEX classes and Visualforce pages development.

Check out some of Archit's Content:

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#3 - Aman Jain

Aman is a Salesforce Developer who has grown on a decent pace to learn and discover the different aspects of Salesforce Development. With the knowledge of platform implementations, including the experience of Visualforce and Apex he has been able to provide us with amazing blogs on Salesforce.

Check out some of Aman's Content:

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Manpreet has maintained his consistency and been in the top bloggers list for the second time. As a Salesforce Developer, he is proficient in the areas of analysis, design, developing, testing, and implementation of enterprise level applications. With his knowledge and expertise in the Salesforce environment, he has been able to deliver informative blogs for the readers, providing them with valuable information and motivating them to become a part of the Salesforce Ohana.

Check out some of Manpreet's Content:

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William has been working as a Salesforce Consultant at JanBask. JanBask is a global IT services and Salesforce Consulting Firm located in Washington, USA. They focus on helping companies to harness technologies which result in increased services, sales, and functioning efficiency. They are experienced in CRM Development, providing companies with valuable business analysis and improved sales efficiency.

Check out some of William's Content:

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#6 - Demandblue

Demandblue is a registered Salesforce Partner Firm, having its headquarters in Greater Los Angeles, Western US. They encourage innovation through on-demand execution and continuous engagement which provides customers with speed, value and success to fulfill their current and future business objectives. Their main focus is to help its customers magnify their Salesforce earnings through predictive analysis.

Check out some of Demandblue's Content:

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Avnish is a Salesforce Developer having his expertise in the areas of Apex classes, Visualforce pages, and Salesforce integration. He also has knowledge on other topics like Machine Learning, Web Development, and Graphic Designing. He is a certified web developer and graphic designer, making his way into the Salesforce environment and leaving his mark with his useful and informative blogs.

Check out some of Avnish's Content:

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Parul is a passionate, two times certified Salesforce Developer skilled in SFDC, Apex trigger, Apex Programming, VisualForce,, Ant Migration, and Data Loader. She is also an aspiring Lightning App Builder and is adamant to achieve her objective which is displayed in her blogs.

Check out some of Parul's Content:

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Rajan is a certified Salesforce Professional having an experience of more than 3 years in a variety of Salesforce fields like Salesforce App Building, Salesforce Development, Salesforce CRM Architecture, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Sales Application, Web to lead, Web to Case, and Data Migration and exchange between system and Salesforce (Dataloader). With his blogs, he shared his insights on various Salesforce topics and attracted many users to read and implement them in their development as a Salesforce Professional.

Check out some of Rajan's Content:

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Keynode solutions is a Salesforce Partner Consulting Firm providing their business services in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and many other cities. They deal in full time Salesforce customization, on-demand Salesforce enhancements, strategic advising and consulting, and support and maintenance. Their main objective is to provide their customers with Salesforce Implementation, Integration, Development, and Customization to consequently grow and cater to all their business needs.

Check out some of Keynode's Content:

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Team Forcetalks would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your worthy contribution and wish that you maintain your position every year in this list by your continuous efforts as Forcetalks is a Salesforce Community Of You, For You, By You. Cheers to you all!

The winners are authorized to use these Badges of Honor on their Website, Emails, Blog or Social Media. It's 2018 and wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Wishing you a Very Happy New Year.


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