Your Guide to Salesforce Certifications

In the age of customer experience, businesses now rely on their CRM systems more than ever.

As the world leader in CRM software, Salesforce knows the value of a well-trained team that understands the importance of customer data. That’s why there are 25 certifications available to nurture Salesforce talent. Each course is divided into its own certification track and has been designed to meet the growing demand for technical skills.

When it comes to showing off your technical abilities, a Salesforce certification packs a punch. Whether you’re an application architect in the making, or you’re a business leader hoping to train a team of cloud consultants, Salesforce certifications help you develop and differentiate yourself in the market. With over 100 learning resources and hours of education to explore, you can make sure you’re all set to get certified.

Check out the infographic below for our guide to developing your knowledge and empowering your teams through the Salesforce resources.

Infographic Resource: relationedge


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