The Deluge of Data — And What to Do With It

Data is defined as “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis,” and it is everywhere. It comes from transactions, industrial equipment, apps, sensors, monitors, cameras, social media, business platforms and portals, software systems, search engines, and more. This information is often collected and stored in real-time, and businesses are wise to collect the data they collect in one central platform. For most companies, that platform is their CRM solution.

This technology organizes data collected by your company, while a data management platform, or DMP, organizes the data from your CRM and other sources, including third-party data. A DMP helps companies shape their marketing more accurately and reach audiences in a more effective way.

Data gives companies the chance to make educated decisions based on facts. Your marketing team — or anyone within the company with access to the data — can uncover new insights that drive improvements and updates. While the overabundance of data may seem slightly overwhelming, with the proper technology, companies can use it to power their success. Learn more in the infographic below.

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