What is Lookup Relationship in Salesforce?

Credits : Salesforce Hulk

In this video, Shrey is not only teaching but also demonstrating to you "What is Lookup Relationship in Salesforce?".

You will be learning:
1. How many Lookup Relationships can you create in Salesforce?
2. When to use Lookup Relationships in Salesforce?
3. How to create Lookup Relationships in Salesforce?
4. When to use Hierarchical Relationships in Salesforce?
5. How to create Hierarchical Relationships in Salesforce?
6. What is a Self-Relationship in Salesforce?
7. What is a Many-to-many relationship in Salesforce?
8. Why is there a need to create many to many relationships in Salesforce?
9. What is Junction Object in Salesforce?
10. How Junction Object helps in creating many to many relationships?
11. What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Relationships?

We hope you enjoy the video and take another step forward in your journey with Salesforce. This video is from the Salesforce Administrator & App Builder course which is designed and curated by Shrey Sharma, one of the top best Salesforce Trainer in the world.


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