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Credits : Simplilearn

This Salesforce Training Video will help us in quotation generation and improve customer communication. Generating proposals can be a drag on sales team productivity. Editing word documents, requesting approvals and even desk calculators get involved! With the quotes feature in Salesforce, Salespeople can quickly and efficiently generate a PDF and either download or email directly to a contact in Salesforce. When customers request revisions, they have the ability to edit diTutorialsount percentages, add or remove line items, even use different templates entirely.

Quote Templates:

After completing this lesson you will be able to explain:

  1. How to create a quote record
  2. How to create a quote template
  3. How to generate a quote PDF
  4. How to email a quote PDF
  5. Modifying existing quote templates

Service Cloud

Customer service can be a tough department to work in. Customers constant calls, emails, chats, texts and posts can cause even the best customer service teams to fall apart. With the service cloud, companies can get control over the issues, start managing their time better and get meaningful reports from Salesforce. Metrics such as an average number of cases per day, case by issue, time to resolution on a per customer service representative basis – there is the foundation on which the service cloud is built.

After watching this lesson you will be able to learn

  1. Creating a case, case assignments rules and case eTutorialsalation rules
  2. Enabling and creating solutions
  3. Creating a web-to-case form
  4. Creating an email-to-case address


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