Salesforce Certifications 2022 | Which Certifications You Need & Why You Need Them

Credits : Salesforce For Everyone

If you’re looking to start a Salesforce job this year you’re going to need a Salesforce certification. But where do you start, which certification should you get and why are they so important for your success?

In 2021 Talent Stacker helped over 1000 individuals start Salesforce careers, with that in mind we feel well equipped to dive into all of these questions and get into some statistics around certifications in the Salesforce job market. We’re going to help you be better prepared to not only get certified but also understand why you should get certified.

As an added bonus we will break down some scenarios where we don’t recommend getting additional certifications if you already have one. In this video, we cover the most up to date statistics on certifications from 2021 as well as some predictions for 2022.


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