MuleSoft Integration: Google Ads Lead Form to Salesforce - Learn Salesforce Series by Algoworks

Credits : Algoworks

MuleSoft integration: Google Ads lead form to Salesforce.
In this video, learn how MuleSoft can be used to integrate Salesforce with Google Ads lead form.

The video will cover these four points -
Salesforce Integration with Google ad lead form:

It's an integration of Salesforce with Google ads lead form using MuleSoft.

2. Set up Google ads lead form and webhook:

To get the leads the Google ads, lead form is added to the website from where the potential customers can contact. Google will be posting the forms data to webhook.

3. Create MuleSoft flow to process Google form events:

MuleSoft flow will orchestrate the events sent by Google ads form and push data to Salesforce

4. To sync leads from Google ads form to Salesforce Leads:

Here MuleSoft is used to sync leads to Salesforce objects.


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