Contact Deletion in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Credits : Cameron Robert

Cameron Robert from Datarati talks through how the Contact Delete function works, how to use it, and a practical demo of how to build a Contact Deletion Automation.

What you'll learn:
» How to enable and configure the Contact Deletion function
» 3 ways to Delete Contacts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
» Delete Selected Contacts in Contact Builder
» Delete Contacts from a List of Data Extension
» Delete Contacts using the REST API
» A practical example of a Contact Deletion Automation

Note: Contact Deletions can not be undone! Always check with your SFMC Administrator before running any Contact Deletion activities.

-Introduction: (0:00)
-What is Contact Deletion: (0:10)
-Enable & Configure Contact Delete functions: (1:35)
-Where to find the Contact Deletion functions: (2:38)
-How to delete Selected Contacts: (3:01)
-How to delete Contacts from a List or Data Extension: (3:42)
-Contact Deletion Automation - Overview: (4:51)
-Contact Deletion Automation - Selecting All Contacts: (5:54)
-Contact Deletion Automation - Automation Flow: (7:21)
-Contact Deletion Automation - Creating the Data Extensions: (8:15)
-Contact Deletion Automation - Creating the SQL Activities: (10:06)
-Contact Deletion Automation - Creating the SSJS API Activity: (13:48)
-Contact Deletion Automation - The Automation: (17:22)
-Be Careful - Contact Deletion can not be undone: (20:12)
-Summary: (20:39)


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