5 Tips: How Events Can Help You Drive Value for Your Business | Salesforce on Salesforce

Credits : Salesforce

Events are at the heart of every major launch moment and announcement. They offer opportunities to connect with customers, providing experiences that grow loyalty. And they help attendees skill up via product workshops and insights from your company’s experts. At Salesforce, events help us build our customer base and accelerate business. They account for more than half of our inbound leads each year. When a prospect from a sales opportunity attends an event, that deal is about five times more likely to close. So how do you build an experience that excites, educates, and engages attendees? Watch this week’s episode to learn how Salesforce makes it happen!

0:00 - Salesforce on Salesforce Intro
0:34 - How Salesforce leverages events
1:24 - Where do we start?
2:34 - Tip #1: Cater to the attendee
4:00 - Tip #2: Let your customer do the talking
4:55 - Tip #3: The event is the message
5:49 - Tip #4: Always be relevant
6:17 - Tip #5: Have fun & create magic



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