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    Who are the live agent users in Salesforce?

    Who are the live agent users in Salesforce?



    Hello Prachi,
    Live Agent users are support agents and supervisors who have the Salesforce permissions to assist customers with chat.
    All Live Agent users need the API Enabled administrative permission enabled on their associated profile before they can use Live Agent.

    1. From Setup in Salesforce Classic, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
    2. Click Edit next to a user’s name.
    3. Select Live Agent User. If you don’t see this checkbox, verify that your support organization has purchased enough Live Agent feature licenses.
    4. Click Save.
    After creating users, make sure that you assign them a Live Agent configuration and associate them with the appropriate skills.

    Permissions for Live Agent Support Agents:
    Enable a few specific permissions for Live Agent support agents so that they have access to the tools that they need to provide help to customers.
    Permissions for Live Agent Support Supervisors:
    You must enable certain permissions for Live Agent support supervisors so that they have all the tools they need to monitor agents’ activities and review customers’ information.



    Salesforce Live Agent is a native Salesforce tool that provides the ability to communicate in real-time with your web site users. In this blog I am going to discuss why you might want Live Agent, my favourite of the basic ‘out of the box’ offerings and then talk through some of the customisation options available to you to enhance the standard product.

    Live Agent is superb for those who have a limited size support team but want to extract maximum return and effectiveness from them. Unlike a phone call, where one agent can only manage one customer at a time, using Live Agent each user can be partaking in numerous simultaneous customer interactions from just the one screen. It can also be an effective way to alleviate pressure from a struggling phone support team by diverting some customer traffic to an alternative channel.

    Live Agent is a standard feature of the Salesforce Service Cloud and my pick of the bunch from the out of the box offerings is as follows:

    • Sneak peek
    • Whisper messages
    • Auto greeting


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