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    What is the list of tools are available in Salesforce Lightning?

    What is the list of tools are available in Salesforce Lightning?



    Hi Avnish,

    Below are the list of tools available in salesforce lightning:

    1. Browser : Google Chrome
    2. Browser Debugger: Chrome DevTools
    3. DevTools Extension: Salesforce Lightning Inspector
    4. Editor: Force.com IDE
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    Browser: Google Chrome
    Many web app developers use Google Chrome because of its excellent developer tools. If that describes you, you’re done. Next item.

    If not, plan to switch to Chrome for Lightning components development. We’ll cover why in the next two items.

    Browser Debugger: Chrome DevTools
    If you’re not already confident using Chrome DevTools, we highly, highly recommend the outstanding docs available. Start with Getting Started, and then move to the training, beginning with DevTools Overview. Every minute you spend learning to use DevTools is 10 minutes you’ll save later. (The payoff is more like 50-to-1, but we’ll be conservative.)

    Yes, Firefox and Safari also have pretty good developer tools. But you’re switching anyway, because of the next item.

    DevTools Extension: Salesforce Lightning Inspector
    Developing for Lightning components without the Salesforce Lightning Inspector is like starting a fire by rubbing sticks together. You can do it, but it’s exercise, and who wants that?

    What’s special about the Lightning Inspector? With this plug-in for DevTools, you can navigate the component tree, inspect component attributes, and profile component performance. You can observe and inspect calls to server-side actions and their responses. And it helps you understand the sequence of event firing and handling. (We explain all these terms in the next module on this trail, Lightning Component Core Concepts.)

    These are critical tasks when you’re developing anything more complicated than hello world. Yes, you can do it manually with any decent JavaScript developer tool, but it’s not simple. The Lightning Inspector makes it easy, which is the difference between a painful developer experience and a pleasurable one.

    Editor: Force.com IDE
    Salesforce offers two editors with dedicated tooling for Lightning components. While the Developer Console is fine for quick edits and small scale learning projects, including this module, it’s not the best tool for developing real components and apps.

    The best tool is the Force.com IDE, which adds dedicated navigation, syntax highlighting, and other Lightning components-specific features to the Eclipse IDE. The combination gives you a world-class development environment for Lightning components work.

    Hope this helps.

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    Adding some points:

    The latest low-code tools on the Salesforce Lightning Platform include:

    Lightning Object Creator is a new platform service that allows anyone to turn spreadsheets into modern apps with clicks, not code. For example, salespeople at a car dealership once had to enter customer information from paper test drive forms into spreadsheets – an error-prone, labor-intensive process. Those teams can now drag and drop spreadsheets into the Object Creator, review data fields for accuracy (e.g., car makes and models) and publish a digital form, available on desktop or mobile. In Salesforce, users can further analyze the data or add it to existing records with support for Search, Notes or Files within Salesforce – extending the power of that customer’s CRM deployment.
    Lightning Flow Builder is a new low-code tool that empowers business users of any developer skill level to automate processes for customer or employee experiences (e.g., manage an insurance claim). Based on the Lightning Design System, the Lightning Flow Builder is elegant, efficient and easy to use – with simplified toolboxes that seamlessly find workflow elements connected to customer records. In addition, new Flow Actions – pre-built, reusable components for industries and specific use cases – add powerful new layers to automated business processes, including the ability to accept credit card payments or add a video player. Admins also have the option to use Einstein Next Best Action to recommend flows, leveraging the power of rules-based and predictive models to provide sales, service and marketing agents with intelligent, contextual recommendations for customers.

    A Smarter AppExchange Guides Customers to the Right Solutions, Faster

    With 88 percent of Salesforce customer orgs using AppExchange solutions and almost 6 million installs, more Trailblazers than ever are tapping into the power of the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. AppExchange is now live with updates including intelligent recommendations and a new category for Flow Solutions.

    Starting today, any customer can log onto AppExchange and experience:

    Lightning Flow Actions, partner-built, drag-and-drop solutions that unleash the full potential of automated business processes. More than a dozen partner-built solutions are already available – including Flow Actions for running credit checks (Oktana), adding a video player (Vidyard) and generating quotes for loan processing (Accenture).
    The Lightning Platform Strikes at Dreamforce

    Learn more about the latest innovations from the Lightning Platform and AppExchange at Dreamforce, September 25 – 28, 2018.

    Pricing and Availability

    Lightning Object Creator and Lightning Flow Builder are now available in pilot. Further pricing information will be announced at general availability in the first half of 2019.

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