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    What is a Matrix Report in Salesforce?

    What is a Matrix Report in Salesforce?


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    Matrix reports is salesforce are those where the data is arranged in grid format having rows and columns. Data is arranged vertically and horizontally in tables like excel format.

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    Matrix Reports in Salesforce are those where the data is arranged in grid format having rows and columns.

    Matrix Reports are a special report similar to a pivot table. Matrix reports are not uncommon and are useful for measuring trends.

    Matrix report has groups of data based on columns and rows. This report can be used to represent comparison between related total with total by row and total by column.



    Use a matrix to display grouped data and summary information. You can group data by multiple fields or expressions in row and column groups. Matrices provide functionality similar to crosstabs and pivot tables. At run time, as the report data and data regions are combined, a matrix grows horizontally and vertically on the page. Values in matrix cells display aggregate values scoped to the intersection of the row and column groups to which the cell belongs. You can format the rows and columns to highlight the data you want to emphasize. You can also include drilldown toggles that initially hide detail data; the user can then click the toggles to display more or less detail as needed.



    Salesforce Matrix report is similar to Summary reports and is the most complex Salesforce report format where records data is summarized in a grid format. Matrix reports allow records to summarize data by both columns and rows. Salesforce Matrix report is used to compare related tools.


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