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    What are the Apex best practices in Salesforce ?

    What are the Apex best practices in Salesforce ?


    Some of the best practices are:

    1: Bulkify your Code

    2: Avoid SOQL Queries or DML statements inside FOR Loops

    3: Bulkify your Helper Methods

    4: Use of the Limits Apex Methods to Avoid Hitting Governor Limits

    5: Avoiding Hard coded IDs

    For details go to:

    Salesforce | Shweta Shweta #5

    Apex best practices in Salesforce are :

    • Bulkify your apex code
    • Avoid Query or DML statements inside the For loop
    • Bulkify Helper methods
    • Streamlining Multiple Triggers on the Same Object
    • Use @future Appropriately
    • Write Test Methods to Verify Large Datasets




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