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    Salesforce – What is Macros in Automate Case Management?

    I want to know the basic definition of Macros with example.


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    A macro is a set of instructions, which tell the system how to complete a task. When an agent runs a macro, the system performs each instruction. Macros save time and add consistency to support agents’ work.Support agents who use Case Feed now can run macros to automatically complete repetitive tasks—such as selecting an email template, sending an email to a customer, and updating the case status—all in a single click.

    Available in: Salesforce Classic
    Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

    You can create macros to perform multiple actions on the Case Feed. For example, a macro can enter the subject line of an email and update the case status. A single macro can perform multiple actions on different parts of the Case Feed at the same time.


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    Hello Shariq,

    Macros is defined as in case automation the automatically complete repetitive tasks on cases, such as selecting the right email templates, so that agents can spend time doing more important things. We can create macros to perform multiple actions on the Case Feed


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    Macros automate a progression of tedious keystrokes that help the specialists in making the Salesforce Console for Service. You can rapidly total monotonous errands, for example, refreshing the case status, by running a full-scale check of all activities. You can oversee Macros in Salesforce Classic. Salesforce Macros gives you a chance to accelerate the undertakings, for example, choosing the correct email layouts, computerizing customary assignments and so forth, with the goal that operators can invest their energy in accomplishing more essential things.

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