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    How to handle “Too many soql queries:101” problem in Salesforce?


    when I close a case then 32 queries run in the whole process to close a single case.

    Now I want to run a schedule in which I am fetching a list of cases which will be always more than 50-60 per day by this I am getting an error “Too many SOQL queries:101″ (because in 3 case soql queries will be 3*32=96 near about to 100).
    so please tell me how to handle this process that in one time I call only for 3 cases batched.

    Rahul Kumar



    Don’t use the query inside any for loops. Instead, query the list of all records and store it in a list or set,  and loop through that list to do the set of logic you wanted to do. No queries inside a for loop is the ground rule for apex programming. Google examples for this approach, there are plenty of examples you can find. Happy coding.

    Salesforce | Rahul Rahul #56

    Thanks for reply,  but i am not calling to query in loop .
    Here is my code:

    listCaseTCR = [SELECT id,RV_Consignment_Status__c ,CN_Number__c,Case_Category__c,Issue_Type__c,Sub_Title__c
    FROM Case WHERE Issue_Type__c =:’Tech – CR’ AND Sub_Title__c IN:subtitle AND CN_Number__c!=’NULL’ AND Status!=’Closed’ AND RV_Is_Parent__c=:FALSE];
    //for(Case cr : listCaseTCR)
    total = listCaseTCR.size();
    system.debug(‘total cases of Tech – CR are :’+total);

    if(cnumber!=Null && cnumber!=”)


    now problem start from here that when i am calling trackconsignment(cnumber); method then this is using 32 soql queries to closed a case and i have a  lot of cases in list listCaseTCR  so it’s firing 101 error.
    how to handle it?


    Rahul Kumar

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