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    How to create one-way integration from WordPress to Salesforce?

    How to create one-way integration from WordPress to Salesforce?


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    Hi Amresh,

    Wordpress to salesforce is supported using rest api. You can find developemt resources on wordpress.org. It has public api with Auth2 support.Basically you need an access_token with every request to get salesforce data. In order to obtain one, you need to first authenticate with your Salesforce organization. This can be done through OAuth, which is recommended way instead of hardcoding credentials.

    You must create a ‘Connected app’ in salesforce by registering your wordpress application details. By doing so salesforce creates a Client ID and Client Secret for you application. When you first authenticate with salesforce, provide these 2 values along with the request. This will redirect you to Salesforce authentication page where, upon successful authentication, you will be redirected to a web page which you mentioned in ‘redirectURI’ parameter(This can be you initial page where you made the authentication request in you application).Once redirected, you’ll have an additional parameter in the response, authorization code.


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