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    Access Custom Controller-Defined Enum in Salesforce Custom Component?

    Access Custom Controller-Defined Enum in Salesforce Custom Component?


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    We cannot reference the enum directly since the enum itself is not visible to the page and you can’t make it a property.


    Apex class:

    global with sharing class My_Controller {
    public Case currCase {get; set; }
    public enum StatusValue {RED, YELLOW, GREEN}

    public StatusValues getColorStatus() {
    return StatusValue.RED; //demo code – just return red

    Visualforce page:

    <apex:image url=’stopsign.png’ rendered=”{!colorStatus == StatusValue.RED}” />
    Above code snippet will throw error something like “Save Error: Unknown property ‘My_Controller.statusValue’”

    Add below method in Apex Controller:

    public String currentStatusValue { get{ return getColorStatus().name(); }}
    and change Visualforce code to

    <apex:image url=’stopsign.png’ rendered=”{!currentStatusValue == ‘RED’}” />

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