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Chrome Extension
Access Salesforce data no matter what website you’re on. This extension keeps you from wasting time switching between tabs while you’re prospecting, updating the CRM based on website data and more.
Additional Information

Access your most important sales tools on any website.

No more switching tabs.
Gain an extra hour or two each day by streamlining how you work.

It's free to use and available to anyone who wants to improve how they sell.

Here’s how it can help:

  • Prospecting for new accounts and people on any website
  • Updating your CRM from any website
  • Communicating with prospects using personalized emails and multi-touch sales campaigns


1/ Email finder

Find anyone’s email by entering their first name, last name, domain.
The extension automatically searches Salesforce and PersistIQ for you. If the email does not exist, create a new lead or contact with one click.

2/ PersistIQ

Access PersistIQ from any website, including Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more. Add new prospects to your sales campaigns to send personalized messages with multiple follow ups.

3/ Salesforce

Access Salesforce from any website.
Easily search, create, or update records. For example, you could be on a target company website and you want to know if the account already exists in Salesforce. Easily search Salesforce from the site you are on. No more switching tabs. If the company doesn’t exist, create it right from the extension.

4/ Salesforce Push

Push leads and contacts directly from Salesforce into your PersistIQ campaigns without having to export and import data.

The Salesforce functionality is similar to what you would find in paid solutions like Cirrus Insights, Groove, Salesforce Inbox, and more. The big differences are:

  • PersistIQ is available on any website, not just your email inbox.
  • PersistIQ gives you additional tools, like an email finder and sales campaigns
  • The extension is free to use.
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