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Declarative Roll-up Lookup Summaries

Declarative Rollup Lookup Summaries (DLRS) is a sustainable open source community application that provides an admin-friendly declarative interface to generate and manage cross-object rollup summaries
Additional Information
Developer: Community Driven Tool


Install the latest version of DLRS into your production, sandbox, or scratch org via MetaDeploy

Features Summary

  • Rollup information between Lookup relationships was not previously possible without writing Apex Triggers
  • Define rollups using standard UI declaratively, no coding is required
  • Define filter criteria on rollups for example Rollup Amount on Opportunity onto Account for Closed Won
  • Supports real-time, Scheduled and Developer API modes
  • Open source, available in code and managed package form.
  • Managed package has passed Salesforce Security Review and is Aloha enabled
  • Supports Custom Metadata, rollups can be included in Change Sets and Packages for easier deployment
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