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  • Vivek wrote a new blog, Take Survey/Feedback using Login Flows 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Logins flows is one of the cool features in Salesforce of which lot of people are not aware about. What it does is, when user logs in it launches the visual workflow before landing them to salesforce […]

  • In simple terms, You login to your Facebook app or Salesforce one app once using your credentials . But it keeps you logged in forever that is because of refresh token. Access token expires after sometime based on your session settings. But using refresh token app gets new access token whenever it expires.

  • Vivek replied to the topic How to use IN clause in Dynamic query? in the forum Miscellaneous 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    It is very simple assume you have a Set<String> or Set<Id> named “ids”

    Set ids = new Set();

    String dynamicQuery = “SELECT ID FROM SomeObject__c WHERE SomeID IN :ids”;


    You don’t have to do anything when complier will compile the code it will find set of ids and put it into your query

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  • Vivek wrote a new blog, Upload Files as Attachment using Apex Salesforce 5 months, 1 week ago

    Files replaced Attachments in Salesforce.  Now any type of document upload becomes part of Files/Content in Salesforce. With all the other advantages over Attachments, the best one is Files can be shared across […]

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  •  Three steps activity :Drop a pin anywhere on map.Enter distance (Radius) to search customer (Any object with Geolocation field)Select records and create task or any object recordsHow it is done :Google Map + […]

  • Vivek wrote a new blog, Data Access and Visibility in Salesforce 6 months ago

    Why back to basics ? well I was explaining to someone, How data is accessed in Salesforce ? What is the security model and levels ? etc. So I thought of how easy, and in plain english, with a very simple approach […]

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