Salesforce Training Video For Beginners - 2 | Sales Cloud Training |Salesforce Tutorial

Credits : Simplilearn

This Salesforce Training Video will help you understand what is sales cloud in Salesforce, creating and converting leads in salesforce, creating accounts, products, opportunities and activities in Salesforce. Most sales teams are challenged with managing inbound leads, including assignment, logging activities, and follow-up. The leads object in Salesforce allows sales managers to assign inbound leads from websites through leads assignment rules. The activities object allows for the reporting of tasks such as outbound calls, and events, such as in-person meetings, lastly reports can be created to display closing rates and the average length of sales cycles.

This Salesforce Training Video will explain:

  1. How to create a lead as well as converting the leads
  2. How to create accounts, contacts, and email templates
  3. How to create price books, products, opportunities and activities
  4. How to create a web-to-lead form and leading assignment rules
  5. Record Types


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