Salesforce Standard vs Custom Objects Explained

Credits : Enway

Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offers both custom and standard objects to organize and manage data effectively.

Standard objects are pre-built components provided by Salesforce. For Salesforce Sales Cloud, the main standard objects include Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts. These objects deal with common business needs and come with predefined fields and functionalities.

On the other hand, custom objects are tailored to specific requirements unique to a business. They allow users to create their own data structures, fields, and relationships within the Salesforce environment. Custom objects can be designed to track specialized information like projects, assets, or orders, aligning precisely with the company’s workflows and processes.

In our new video, with a hands-on demonstration of creating a custom Invoice object, Artemiy showcases the versatility of customization within Salesforce.

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