Salesforce Integration Tutorial | Integrate Salesforce with Apps | Salesforce Training

Credits : Edureka

This Salesforce Integration Tutorial video by Edureka will help you understand what is Salesforce integration in detail. It will also address the various Salesforce integration layers and their types. This video also demonstrates how you can integrate Salesforce with outlook and other third-party applications. Following is the outline of the "Salesforce Integration Tutorial" session:

00:00:56 What is Salesforce?
00:02:08 What is Salesforce Integration?
00:03:21 Salesforce Integration Layers
00:07:07 Types of Salesforce Integration
00:11:06 Things to consider before a Salesforce Integration Project
00:13:26 Advantages of Salesforce Integration
00:15:54 Demo: Integrating Salesforce with external applications


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