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As a Sales manager, if you deal with 1000’s of inbound and other leads everyday and would love to automate the process of lead distribution, RepBlaze is a one stop solution to do that. RepBlaze uses smart algorithms to optimize the complete exercise of lead distribution and tracking its status through out with complete transparency for the sales managers. These algorithms, custom defined business rules and filters, will ensure efficient and apt allocation of the leads to the respective team members. With RepBlaze, be rest assured that all leads are in the hands of the right team members and your business does not have any leakages or loopholes.

How RepBlaze is different?

  • Intelligent Algorithms gives you the flexibility to configure your distribution criteria, best suited for your business:

A) Round Robin          B) Round Robin - Sticky           C) Smart Match

These algorithms, coupled with 5 engines will make your job way easier!

  • Inbuilt Leave Management to reduce the manual efforts of back & forth communication on team availability & their assignments. When leave is approved, RepBlaze automatically re-routes the assignments to suggested team member with a click of a button!
  • RepBlaze Assistant and RepBlaze Widget available on the Utility Bar. New notifications, alerts or assignments are all displayed on RepBlaze Assistant, giving you one place to navigate to any record assignment. Why toggle between multiple windows now?


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