Manage Packages & Post Installation Script | Salesforce Managed Packages

Credits : Algoworks Solutions Inc

This video will give you a brief overview of Managed Packages and Unmanaged Packages in Salesforce. You will get a quick glance at how to add Post Installation Script in Managed Packages along with the steps involved in creating Managed Packages.

The following points will be covered in this video -

1. Introduction To Salesforce Packages (0:16)
Get a brief introduction about Salesforce packages.

2. Types Of Salesforce Packages (1:06)
Learn all about Unmanaged and Managed Packages in Salesforce.

3. Post Installation Script (2:17)
Get a glimpse on how to add Post Installation Script in Managed Packages.

4. Create Managed Package (2:48)
Learn how to create Managed Packages.


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