How to Get Started on Your Salesforce Admin Certificate with Trailhead

In this video, Brad discusses how to get started with your Salesforce career using trailhead. He discusses how to create and validate your account, the basics of a training unit, and how to prepare for your first certification.

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Create your own instance of Salesforce:

Log into the training with your dev org credentials from above:

This is a great compilation of training material that will prepare you for the admin certification. The time it takes to go through this material thoroughly will vary depending on your background.

After completing the above materials, you can begin venturing off into anything that draws your interest. At this point you should have some idea of what you would like to know more about. Passing this Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is not only the first tangible goal in your journey to begin a Salesforce career but is also a major milestone in grabbing the attention of businesses and recruiters across the Salesforce ecosystem. With this certification your ability to attain a Salesforce position will be drastically increased.


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