How to get a job in Salesforce industry or ecosystem? (For freshers) | 7 Step Guide

Credits : Salesforce Hulk

The most common question that is asked: How do I get a job?

I have learned Salesforce and I know how to create applications on it but I am not able to find a job. What to do now?

So here's a 7 step guide that we'll act as a bible for you to get a job in Salesforce domain as a fresher.

Also in this video, we have explained the different profiles that are available for a fresher in Salesforce domain, which are:

1. Salesforce Developer
2. Salesforce Administrator
3. Salesforce Consultant
4. Business Analyst

These are the seven steps that will help you get a job:

1. Learn and Master the basics
2. Implement & Discuss
3. Get Certified
4. You have got it, Show it.
5. Start the Job hunt
6. Build connections & network
7. Volunteer

This 7 step guide is destined to get you a job in Salesforce industry if you follow it with dedication & determination.


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