How to Compare Change Sets from Another Org ? #Salesforce Change Sets Helper | Salesforce Tutorials

Change set with sort, view all, and additional information, such as last modified date. Allows comparison with other orgs.
A chrome extension to improve the usability of Salesforce change sets.

NEW! Validation helper. Validate your change set in another org directly without uploading or leaving your changeset. Feel free to send me your feedback and if you'd like to have deploy as well!

Features include:
- Includes the last modified date and user and api name for each item.
- Automatically ordered by most recent modified first
- Filter/Search/Order by any field.
- Sets all pages to show the 1000 rows. If more than 1000 items in a page, asks if you want to continue to retrieve more.
- View and Search on items in the change set. This allows you to see the whole change set and search to make removing much easier.
- Compare to another org (uses OAuth2.0 -- no username or password information is seen or stored by this extension).
- Shows the last modified date and user for the compared org as well.
- Click the file name to see a diff of the metadata file between orgs.



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