Developer Life in India | An Interview with Salesforce Chef

Credits : SFDC Panther

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Who is Amit Singh?
01:56 Amit has interesting projects
03:58 Amit does technical content, but he is still popular. How?
05:45 When did you start your youtube channel?
07:04 "I don't have any idea why I started my channel"
08:11 "Basically, I want people to learn that's why I like doing videos"
09:31 Amit doesn't edit his videos, and he has a good reason for doing so
10:57 Amit also has his own blog. How does he manage with it?
14:51 Amit is super-productive. He is also mentoring people!
17:09 On top of that Amit has a Udemy course!
19:07 How much do you get on Udemy?
21:55 What is it like to be a Salesforce Developer in India? Crazy story!
22:50 "No Salesforce Admins in India"
23:59 "Sometimes when you are having dinner, your boss may call you and tell you to go to work"
25:13 Real working hours in India
29:04 What are typical salaries for entry-level Salesforce Developers in India?
32:34 "Companies interview at least 10 candidates". Crazy competition in India!
35:05 What are next Amit's steps?
36:32 Shoutout to Marc Benny
38:45 "Most companies in India are looking for a title, not for knowledge"


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