70 Salesforce Interview Questions for the Beginners

Credits : Interesting data

First of all, How it is different from the other Salesforce Interview questions videos? Well, We have divided the questions into categories so that you learn systematically and you have clarity on your strengths and opportunity areas.

Also, we have provided important topics within each section so that you know which areas you need to prepare within each topic. So overall it's kind of a guide for your Salesforce interview.

Hopefully, It would also contribute some new insights which we all can also use in the ongoing and/or future Testing projects.

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All the interview questions have been divided into the following important areas of Salesforce:

1. Organization and User Setup
2. Security
3. Objects
4. Reports and Dashboards
5. Workflows and Process Automation
6. Data Management
7. Sales and Marketing Applications
8. Service and Support Applications


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