3 Tips on How To Deliver a Successful Product Launch | Salesforce on Salesforce

Credits : Salesforce

Salesforce defines a product launch as announcing a new offering to the public. Launches are an opportunity to tell a compelling story about your product, not just about its functionality but also the impact it will have on people. A passionate and relevant story builds trust with your core audience. That trust expands to increased awareness and buzz for your new product’s capabilities. And that eventually results in more sales. So how do you deliver a great launch? It’s a big coordinated effort with the product, sales, marketing, public relations, analyst relations, and events teams. Watch this week’s episode to learn the three types of launches that we have at Salesforce and what we’ve learned over the past few years.

0:00 - Salesforce on Salesforce Intro
0:44 - What is a product launch?
1:59 - Three types of product launches
2:12 - #1: Marketing launch
3:22 - #2: GA launch
5:05 - #3: Event launch
5:36 - Tip #1: Understand the goal
6:08 - Tip #2: Know the product inside and out
6:40 - Tip #3: Be nimble


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